We’re Not Alone..?

2022.01.28 15:42 MadameAceXII We’re Not Alone..?

This happened a while back, I’d say the beginning, close to mid 2021. I used to live in a sort of violent, gang riddled part of the city where almost every day I’d hear about a shooting or gunshots down the street or the next neighborhood over. However I grew to have some good friends over there, and honestly great people.
At the time, it was just me, my friends who will be called different names for the sake of the privacy, Vincent (25) male, Nathan (22) male, and Johnny (24) male. We were all having the time, late night chatting (as well as drinking) with the bonfire as my aunt, Carolina (28) had turned in for the night. Suddenly, Johnny comes up with an idea after looking at the bonfire for periods of time.
“Let’s go to the Hell Hole..” Johnny spoke after some time. “Yeah I’m down for that..” I said taking a quick drink of my juice pouch since I am only 20. “But what about Carolina? Wouldn’t she be upset with us going out this late..? I’d say it’s like 1 in the morning” I said. “Ah don’t mind her, she’s working and we have the day off anyway! Besides, we got the best people right here” Johnny said. “Dude I am so down for that” Vincent said with newfound excitement. “Nathan? You in?” I asked. “Let’s go!” Nathan said also with excitement. “Alright, I’m gonna grab the flashlights, and my jacket. Who’s car are we taking?” I asked. “I wanna take mine” Nathan said as he grabbed his keys from his pocket.
The Hell Hole was rather infamous, for both supernatural things and gang related trades or turf wars but it seems as though nobody else has been there for ages with exception of a homeless every now and then and dumb kids looking for a scare. It was a tunnel filled with a bunch of cool, some questioning art work on top of graffiti, and at the very end was a gutted car that had looked like it had been there for years. We would go there every so often, maybe twice a week or so but I personally only ever gone there maybe 9 times all together and this was the 3rd time I’ve gone. Once we were geared up for our late night adventure we headed off to the Hell Hole and made sure that we were not followed neither were we spotted by anybody going to it.
After parking, we walked towards the hole some of us struggling to not fall on the steep sides of the entry. Johnny of course made sure the area was clear so that we wouldn’t get ganged up on. And since the last two days have been rainy, there were still puddles left over from the aftermath of it all. No signs of anyone in there after some time of clearing. “All clear!” He said as he came right back to us. Him and Nathan took the lead while me and Vincent were in the back following the two into the dark with only the power of two small flashlights helping us see it through the darkness of the tunnel. There was some mini tunnels within the tunnel and us being curious on how far they went decided to go in but however I couldn’t shake the feeling of one being claustrophobic and two having the feeling of somebody behind me even if I was the last one going into the mini tunnel. I kept looking behind me but nothing of course was there. We’ve been decided to go all the way back to the main tunnel which took a little while but we got back into the huge tunnel once more. Like I said we’ve gone here plenty of times but this is around my third time going into the tunnel and lease to say I started to get a little nervous.
But however everyone else kept up with a good mood and I started to have a lot better time rather than the growing nerves and paranoia of being within the hell hole. Them making goofy jokes, Vincent making a fool of himself made things a lot easier to stomach. We all walked I’d say about half a mile before we got to the very end of the tunnel where the absolutely wrecked car was. After that we all decided to go to the roundabout corner before we see the car, and decided to try to make some dumb meme videos to send to the group chat. The tunnel was mysteriously warm despite how cold the weather was from the previous storm that is approached us two days before. But however things quickly changed as soon as we were about to shoot a video of Vincent. Into the entry of the hell hole made noise, it was the sound of puddles and footsteps and we all shut off the lights despite being so much further away from the entrance.
We were all shushing each other at attempts to try to get a good listen in on whoever was going into the hell hole. So we all sat just in the near end of the tunnel waiting anticipating to hear even further footsteps or even another sound. 1, million thought must have ran through of our heads , from a possible homeless person to a flock of possible gang members to gang up on us. We only had two tasers a couple of pocket knives and only one person was actually legally armed with a firearm. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach thinking of all the possibilities that could possibly happen tonight. And if it was a bunch of people gaining up on us I wasn’t gonna give up without at least putting up a good front at least trying to put up a fight despite me being the only female in the group. But that didn’t even erase my fear that didn’t erase the adrenaline, the nerves, the paranoia that I built up since the beginning of this tunnel. Something had told me this would be different from the previous adventures within this hell hole.
Once again we all stayed silent trying to gather a listen but as soon as we thought the coast was clear and we turned on our lights we heard a sound of it sounding like sand dragging, like somebody was stepping and dragging their step. And then the sound of some thing like a little bike or a tricycle or sound of cans I couldn’t fathom what type of noise it was but it came from the other side closer to us and then we all just sush each other once more trying to keep quiet, to listen in on whatever is going to happen next and then the footsteps from the other side from the entrance began again. Were surrounded or we gonna getting ganged up on? Was there a possible turf war about to happen or were there a bunch of homeless people arriving just to seek shelter within this hell hole.
Either way we were all sort of spooked. Since it was only the four of us we would only think that splitting up would be the dumbest decision of our lives seeing every classic horror movie trope. We all stuck together with whatever we had in our hands ready to strike at whatever or whoever was invading the hell hole. Collectively we all agreed to go to the very end of the tunnel closest to us to see whoever was there and once we did each footstep was agonizingly scary, as if we were itching closer and closer to one’s doom and once we reach the end and saw the old wrecked car once more, we had seen that there was nobody there nothing there that could possibly cause this. We even checked the outer tunnel the end we checked each corner each possible spot each item each object that could’ve possibly made such a noise. And let alone there wasn’t anything in the sand that could lead to somebody walking in here dragging something in here it was all clear. Not for the even scarier part in my opinion we headed off to the very entrance of the tunnel. We continued on and I started to really look into the graffiti and artwork of the tunnel like I never did before and saw upside down crosses, even the satanic cross spray-painted cross a certain area, another saying ‘God is not here’ lot of almost demonic images were there that I never really paid attention to, or at least didn’t want to pay attention to while we were in there.
I suddenly felt very sick, sure I could blame it on seeing all this imagery and with the first instances happened of the noises but however from the very beginning something told me something very wrong. I had to stay close to Vincent because he was the one that didn’t wander off or didn’t try to make this experience even scarier like Johnny did. To be quite honest it seemed as if Johnny enjoyed this horror thing going on meanwhile everyone else did not. Finally after what felt like forever we reached the entry and watched each puddle to see if there were any footsteps that were not of our own. And what we found was nothing.
It was then that my head begun to hurt or at least the very back of my neck began to hurt. I looked at the time and it was 3:27 in the morning. I had to remember 3 AM was “the witching hour“ and immediately I wanted to leave the tunnel. I told Vincent who was very understanding and knew the feeling and decided to vouch for saying we needed to leave. Nathan also decided that we needed to leave as for one it could’ve been a possible intruder or two there is some thing clearly otherworldly down here even if it wasn’t a very significant experience. However Johnny wanted to taunt whatever was there if it was there. We all have our little kickbacks and thought about the supernatural even had stories of the supernatural and I was always against him going to places especially when he wanted to instigate whatever was there.
But somehow he had convinced us to stay a little while longer at least until 4 AM. So I stuck around with Vincent and Nathan for the most part and Johnny stayed ahead ahead from the three of us. We went to the middle of the tunnel immediately where the satanic cross lead and I did not want to be near any of it at all. He claims to be a man of God, a Christian even and yet he just decides to mess around with this demonic entity this chaos of the paranormal. For heaven’s sake, he even started playing creepy songs from horror movies and began to ask questions about people that have died that have been involved within the tunnel somehow. I did not have a good feeling about this at all. Call me a scaredy-cat but I have always been sensitive to sensing things ever since I was a little girl and it runs through my mother side of the family.
I was adjusting my mask which I had on because my face was cold and I felt a liquid drip down my nose. And I smelt metal. I turned on my flashlight wiped my nose and looked at my hand there was blood I was having a freaking nosebleed. It was then Nathan had noticed I had been bleeding from my nose and he managed to find some thing for me to wipe my nose on. ” OK man that’s enough we got to go” Nathan began. “Yeah this isn’t fun anymore this is getting serious, Ace is over here bleeding and you’re trying to instigate whatever is here..” Vincent said. “Are you okay? Come on it’s 3:50 AM we can pull through” Johnny sad. Was he freaking kidding me? At this point my anxiety was through the roof, my nose was bleeding, my lungs were starting to constrict my breathing and even if I wanted to leave I didn’t want to leave alone. Instead I began trying to pray within my head and kept my hopes high. “We can go and these guys can probably stay here so that way we won’t all be alone..” Vincent gestured to me. “Man Allison‘s waiting for me at home and it’s already going to be four, I have to go..” Nathan said. Since it was Nathan’s car we took we had no choice but to leave thankfully though. Johnny was sort of disappointed or very much disappointed at the fact that ‘we could’ve caught something’.
After we all exited the tunnel and headed back to our house I felt a lot better than being in the tunnel. I felt a lot more relieved and Vincent made sure I was okay, and drinking water. After that I didn’t feel like talking to Johnny for a good while because of how selfish he was especially when he knew that I had a history of being sensitive to the paranormal and knowing how scared I was. Nathan Vincent and I decided that if the next time we go to the tunnel that they would leave immediately as soon as I feel as some thing was off. Once again I can scratch this off as paranoia, anxiety even. One thing is for sure is that we were not alone in the hell hole.
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2022.01.28 15:42 DieEverydayToLive Good resources on practical neurochemistry and neuroscience?

Hi folks, trying to request any good recommendations of practical resources (books, scientific articles and podcasts) that can help me understand and apply some principles of neurochemistry/neurosciencr to regulating my own brain's response and as a result, my behavior? I would appreciate if the books (or other resources) aren't too scientific and instead have a more practical approach to explaining things and methods. I am mainly looking at the following aspects to deal with (neurologically speaking):

  1. Fear
  2. Building Resilience
  3. Being less impulsive / responding better to situations
  4. Productivity
  5. Creativity
  6. Better communication
Just to clarify, not looking for 'self help' themed books, but something a little more poignant and verified/practical if that makes sense?
I understand it isn't supposed to be an instantaneous result but I'm willing to put in the work to be better and improving / growing. I understand this may seem like a very layman-ish post but would love if you can share your insights. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 15:42 freedompalsrespect what ally/friend did you relate to the most

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2022.01.28 15:42 FuerzAmor In a nature weaved with noisy roads, swallows rejoice dancing a song of simple heart.

A song I performed last summer, with a begginner's mind. I'm not a pro guitarist, of course... Nor do I pretend to be.
And yet, this opening, this letting the mind go and let things happen had all these swallows more than once dancing all around me, even for hours. Utterly, amazingly, heart-touching.
"Just, this..."
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2022.01.28 15:42 PagurusArt no baby dragons were harmed when consuming the orb

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2022.01.28 15:42 Educational-Cover925 who was it?

who was behind all the science stuff and the graphs tracking delilah and henry in the fenced area with the electronics because i can’t imagine ned having loads of science devices and stuff i thought he just lived in his little den thing
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2022.01.28 15:42 Blkmambafpv Flywoo Hex VS Tree at Frozen Lake | FPV Drone Crash | Watch till the end

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2022.01.28 15:42 brycemr Damn correct me if I’m wrong but did bro just expose himself?

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2022.01.28 15:42 Crip_Toes The Flippening: Will It Happen?? Everything You NEED To Know!! [New from Coin Bureau]

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2022.01.28 15:42 rwdorman RDS CAL's though CSP - JACKPOT!

Anyone bought perpetual RDP CAL's through CSP? Now that Open isn't a thing anymore its the direction we've been sent. I've done it three times this week, once for 15 seats and two for 5. When I install the key on the licensing server it comes back as 500 seats. For all three keys. I realize that in an audit its proof of purchase that matters but considering how stingy and annoying RDS CAL's are, that's a pretty big thing IMHO.
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2022.01.28 15:42 Delontino [CA-ON] [H] Paypal [W] Dalco 959 Mini, GMK Masterpiece Black Knife RAMA

Looking for both of those items, particularly the Dalco at a fair and reasonable price.
Please comment then PM me if you have either, or both, for sale.
Thank you!
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2022.01.28 15:42 MuKaN7 Barber that knows how to cut for Hair Donation?

So I'm a guy that grew out my hair like a dirty hippy because of covid and its long enough to donate. Are there any barbers that have cut hair for donations before/knows how to cut it to requirements? I know a few salons do it, but they seem to rarely deal with men's hai I'd prefer not to have to go to a second barber to get the shorter hair fixed.
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2022.01.28 15:42 therealGMB Is it even worth it playing EU4 despite it's age and the fact that EU5 is probably coming soon?

Is EU4 treated more as a fun, completed game or are people just waiting for EU5 at this point? Obviously EU5 could be garbage with and without future DLCs but still.
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2022.01.28 15:42 Consistent-Ad-7408 Certified Clinical MA

Hey premeds, I was wondering if any of you know legit websites where they offer CCMA classes both online and in person bc I was considering getting certified bc it is so hard to find a clinical job without any experience or certification. Let me know what y’all think since I’m not even sure if it’s worth dropping 1500-2000$. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 15:42 CustardKraken Posted the other day with V.1 of this design for a Quacks of Quedlinburg ingredient box, which was well received. Made a few changes since so would love to get some thoughts on V.2 to help make V.3 even better.

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2022.01.28 15:42 SevenV1_ I went in for a bit to eat and I'll be right back out. Some of the pictures also show my old name (seven , Eos)

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2022.01.28 15:42 thestinger8 I was so OVERWHELMED with how to do my van conversion. My solution was to go for a MVB (Minimum Viable Build) approach - and 6 years later... it's worked great! So wanted to share a tour in case it might help anyone get started! Stop worrying, go simple, and you'll figure it out as you go!

I was so OVERWHELMED with how to do my van conversion. My solution was to go for a MVB (Minimum Viable Build) approach - and 6 years later... it's worked great! So wanted to share a tour in case it might help anyone get started! Stop worrying, go simple, and you'll figure it out as you go! submitted by thestinger8 to vandwellers [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:42 BladerXDXD [H] 70-75% PayPal [W] Amazon GCs, Discord Nitro, UberEats

Rule 1: Comment before PM / CHAT. I listed all the rates that I'm looking for.

Please DO NOT message me about being paid in crypto if you are a GCT Beginner.
Looking for long term suppliers for Amazon GCs as well so let me know when you contact me.
Item PayPal Rates (G&S)
Amazon GCs ($10+) 70-75%
UberEats GC ($10+) 60-65%
Discord Nitro / Nitro Classic Will be discussed
Willing to go first if you are more reputable than me. Rep pinned in profile. Known Impersonators: BIaderXDXD (real name has a lowercase L which is me) 
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2022.01.28 15:42 GigaDanielOcean If Russia were to invade eastern Ukraine, what do you think NATO should do?

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2022.01.28 15:42 AndroidNim What’s a board game that everyone should own?

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