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Regice in WV! 4121 4900 7439

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2022.01.28 15:39 Lothken Regice in WV! 4121 4900 7439

I’ll try to add all I can!
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2022.01.28 15:39 Sunshineofyourlovee Today was a good day. The news I was hoping for. With that said, let's crush an 8th in 2 hits. 🌬💨🚀 Each bowl holds up to 2 grams. 💪🏾

Today was a good day. The news I was hoping for. With that said, let's crush an 8th in 2 hits. 🌬💨🚀 Each bowl holds up to 2 grams. 💪🏾 submitted by Sunshineofyourlovee to gonerz4L [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:39 impressao3dbrasil Sabem me dizer se um arquivo com as paredes tão finas é possível de imprimir em 3D? Não consigo achar esse modelo em outro lugar além da warehouse do SketchUp...

Sabem me dizer se um arquivo com as paredes tão finas é possível de imprimir em 3D? Não consigo achar esse modelo em outro lugar além da warehouse do SketchUp... submitted by impressao3dbrasil to impressao3dbrasil [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:39 notoriousbogg Private match league play

They have the competitive league play settings in private match (but not for multiplayer god knows why), but I’m just wondering if there are people who set up private lobbies and run 4v4 comp while we’re waiting on legit league play? Has anyone done this or heard of someone who organizes these?
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2022.01.28 15:39 Saraher16 What is something that if you told others would get your “Texas card” revoked?

Mine is that I prefer Kroger to H-E-B sometimes.
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2022.01.28 15:39 SNAKE_7157 Photo Finish Ragequit

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2022.01.28 15:39 24akr How do i get girls in college?

I go to a private school, im african so i stand out compared to the other caucasions. I find it so hard to just walk up and talk to someone because everyone is super ostracized, minding their buiness. Not sure how I can get a girl to talk to me
Me being african really intimidates me to just flat out walk up to girls cuz I assume Caucasian women prefer other Caucasian men or light skin.
Were 3rd day into class and no one is really interacting.
Highschool everyone would talk.
How do i talk to women? https://imgur.com/a/UCVH6L2 Pic of me to help understand my chances
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2022.01.28 15:39 JoeBudBrad Is anyone interested in free coaching? I'm interested in becoming a coach but want to try it out and get experience.

Hello fellow runners!
Not sure if this is allowed so if it is not I'm sorry and the moderators can take this down.
I've been running for almost 10 years now and it has been a big part of my life. I'm interested in becoming a running coach but I want to try it out and see if it is something I would enjoy doing. I've done very little coaching in the past just for friends and family but I would like to see if some of you are interested.
I have experience training for many types of races from 1 Mile to a 100 Mile ultra-marathon. I've qualified for Boston and I usually make the podium on most races I participate in (not that it matters).
Anyways I'm just looking to get some experience and help others reach their goals and if that is something you'd be interested in let me know.
I would help with setting a training plan after discussing some of your current training/goals, providing daily feedback, and making any necessary adjustments to your plan, as well as just being available for any questions or anything when needed.
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2022.01.28 15:39 TheFigment New Temporary Classic Monsters Tribute Store Open at Universal Studios Florida – Full Tour

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2022.01.28 15:39 PiedPipecleaner 3 years makes a difference, she’s such a big baby now :)

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2022.01.28 15:39 kimboai Today is our birthday. 1 year. As a gift, I gave DFV cat eyebrows. Cheers Y'ALL

Today is our birthday. 1 year. As a gift, I gave DFV cat eyebrows. Cheers Y'ALL submitted by kimboai to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:39 DPaxton99 The most iconic trio IMO.

The most iconic trio IMO. submitted by DPaxton99 to greysanatomy [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:39 IT_AccountManager "All I really know is the extent of my own ignorance." Plato

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2022.01.28 15:39 dartakis Got one pepperoni per pizza at school

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2022.01.28 15:39 MrJoshMurray Yamaha MDX-9 is “KallaxFi”!

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2022.01.28 15:39 Kamikaze_H 2pac - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (1996)

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2022.01.28 15:39 Izaaaaaaaak Why they nerf fatal classic no one is gonna play that tedious game mode anymore

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2022.01.28 15:39 Dunno25 Looking for Batpack and Widows wiltered bouquet

I prefer if you name your price! If you are looking for items I do have goth purse and some Halloween set items you can pick :)
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2022.01.28 15:39 susanfermac Kenscoff - Nous livrons les types de barre d’armature à Kenscoff. Importation barres d’armature pour Kenscoff Haiti #Kenscoff #Haiti

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2022.01.28 15:39 Cintrao the flying ball had enough

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2022.01.28 15:39 Mr_Renn Chapter Five

Conner Catcher had a bad day at school. He had a surprise Irish test he hadn't studied for. His favourite teacher, Ms. Wicked was out. His girlfriend confesed to him that she'd cheated on him, then broke up with him through text so she could go out with some other clown in their year. It was like that old song by MarMar Oso, 'Nice guy always finish last, should'a known that. Pretty girls hurt you so bad.'
After he did his homework, still sad about his girlfriend, he decided to enjoy the rest of his evening. He left for The Owl Tail, the best pub in Roarhaven according to teenagers. They served minors on three conditions. Number one was they only did it on a Friday. Number two was you had to be at least thirteen. Connor personally taught the latter rule was stupid. It wasn't like a thirteen year old needed to go drink away their problems while thinking they are going through a mid-life crisis. No. You should have to be at least fifteen year olds, he reckoned. Number three was they would only serve you fairly diluted alcohol as a teen.
Naturally, the Owl Tail wasn't well known among adults.
Conner sat down at the bar and ordered a diluted whiskey. So diluted that you couldn't get drunk or really have any symptoms.
It came quick and he gulped half of it within a minute. He saw two people hurry into the bathroom. Diarrhoea was his first taught. Then he noticed they went into the same bathroom. Even diluted alcohol made him a bit dopey. The bartender - there was no way they were over seventeen- tried to start a conversation, looking bored.
"Each one's got a story, kid. See that one over there?" he asked, pointing to a guy in a booth. "He started drinking when he was a teen. Now he's a drunk. Don't make his mistake."
Conner raised his head, with a look of irritation on his face. "The fuck are you talking about? There's no way you're over seventeen. Nobody here has a 'story', we all just want a pint. I came here because I was emotionally and I thought 'Y'know what? I'm feeling sad that my girlfriend fucking fucked another guy, so I'll go the the pub.' I don't know why I thought that'd work, but I just thought it would. Now please leave me alone."
Alcohol also made Conner slightly aggressive.
The bartender looked hurt. "Lad, I was trying to start a conversation and be funny. No need to be passive aggressive."
Conner got up and threw a fiver at the bartender and left.
It was extremely dark. He taught about stuff as he walked. His ex, his Irish test, the fact that that fool, Supreme Mage Fray had outlawed the Church of the Faceless. It all pissed him of. His ex the most.
Conner walked down Titan Street. There weren't many people out. As he turned a corner, he got that weird, paranoid feeling. He looked around, slightly scared, to see nothing.
He heard a cackling noise coming from near by that freaked the shit out of him. He started to sweat a little. He started coming up with possible plans. It didn't last long since a figure shrouded in darkness dropped a few meters in front of him. That was it. Conner ran.
He ran faster than he had ever in his life. He heard the cackling intensify. The figure seemed to be closing in on him. He made the mistake of looking behind him as he run. He ran into a wall, but got back up before the figure could grab him. All that practice was worth it.
He saw the figure's elongated shadow as he ran. To confirm his suspicion, he looked to the roof with the corner of his eye. The figure was running along the roofs, howling with laughter.
Conner must've run for at least five minutes, terrified the whole time.
When he got to a well lit area, he stopped, sure that he wouldn't be followed into a lit area.
Conner thought he'd lost the figure. No sooner than he did, the figure pounced from the roof. Conner screamed and tried to run, but his path was blocked by another dark figure. The new figure flung his arms out wide, then brought them in, removing all light from the area. Conner tried to thow a punch but missed as the one that had chased him dodged. He was knocked to the ground by the one who'd been chasing him.
The figure - who Conner was sure was a man now, based on his breathing and chest- held him down while the second figure held his arms and put handcuffs around his legs. The man gagged Conner. He felt punches being dealt, blood being drawn. It hurt more with each blow. He tried screaming out for help, but the gag prevented that. Darkness started to claim Conner, but not before he saw the man smile.

 * * * 
After Victor had surely knocked the boy unconcious - if not to death- Dante grabbed his fist as Victor went down with more punches.
Victor looked disspleased at this.
"What the fuck were you doing?" asked Dante. "Somebody could've heard that psychotic laughter! And why didn't you just use magic?"
Victor smiled. "It's all about their fear. It makes the hunt fun."
"I worry about you sometimes," Dante said, shaking his head. "Bring him to the boss, now. Before I kill you here for your stupidity!"
Victor shook his head. "You're no fun. You just don't get it."
With that, Victor picked up the boy and sunk into the ground.
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2022.01.28 15:39 despa1337o Dont beleive westard lies. Romania strong

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2022.01.28 15:39 pauledddy High temps

Hi guys/girls
Did my first ever custom loop today Specs: CPU Ryzen 9 3900X GPU Zotac 3070 Twin Edge CPU block corsair XC7 Pump/Res Corsair XD3 GPU Block alphacool eisblock gpx 320mm Corsair XR5 Radiator
Ran a cinebench r23 test and am getting cpu temps of 75. Seems a bit high Any ideas as to why it could be so high?
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2022.01.28 15:39 InterestingBad7873 I dislike machining

Wish I didn’t get into the trade, wasted 2 years in school and now realizing I don’t like this type of work. I’ve been in four different shops and never liked the work and environment of this trade. Asshole managers, shitty pay, and coworkers trying to sabotage/change codes on my machine when I’m away.. good times. I’m sure a lot of machinists will say just stick with it and yeah it’s probably worth it if you invest enough time but for me I think I’ll be getting out of it very soon.
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2022.01.28 15:39 heavenly_yanksha0908 I know exactly what zunesha is doing here in wano and I can prove it

So it's common knowledge by now that the wano country was affiliated with the ancient kingdom..the kozuki were stone masons that made the poneglyphs they are one of the countries we've seen in one piece with the symbolism of the sun the others being alabasta and shandora and of course they were capable of reading the ancient text..Now another country with no doubt the same affiliation is ZOU or the MOKOMO DUKEDOM..they've got a road poneglyph and they're allies to the Kozuki so the ancient kingdom by extension as well
Symbolic patterns exist amongst these 3 locations For instance WANO is reiterated in story specifically as "WANO KUNI" ..following the rule of inversion and and or parallels this backwards is "NIKU WA".. which translates numerically to 290..chapter 290 is titled the light of shandora which we know is the golden belfry ..a symbolic device used by Oda during the skypiea arc to represent emancipation/freedom..when luffy rang the bell it established the end of enel's tyrannical reign freeing the skypieans but also bringing closure to Noland and kalgara's descendants Cricket and Super respectively..if you're paying attention Wano represents the same ideology ..the Scabbards inheriting Oden's will his goal to open wano's borders hence freedom and emancipation
Another obscure parallel is Noland and Oden..both sailed all around the world both were accused for foolishness..Noland was labeled a liar and an idiot Oden was labeled the foolish lord..both executed unjustly at age 39 by the kings of their countries.. king of lvneeland shogun orochi. But we can go deeper...Joyboy and Kaido..first off kaido already means joyboy in Japanese and if you're a believer in ohara's theory like i am then the ancient kingdom was likely apart of jaya and joyboy was king of said kingdom.
Taking a further look at wano's map it seems like its comprised of mini islands stashed together an idea represented by the DAIMYO who run these individual regions
But even with multiple separate islands it still doesn't look whole in fact it seems to be one half of a whole...enter ZOU
Zunesha is unique its an elephant with an island on its back keep that in mind for later but its also suggestive that it is heading for wano as we speak especially considering that it is said to have been looking for a specific destination this entire time ..COINCIDENCE??....Zou is by the way another parallel to jaya ..both are ruined civilizations over 1100 years old..both passionately guard a poneglyph and of course much like wano and Shandora, ZOU revolves around heavy moon symbolism... ....Look at this shot in Wano here..it has the exact same vegetation as thison zou which is interesting By the way shandora and ZOU are also way above cloud level and are difficult to get to... Both have societies built around bells too ...because of this a lot of people assume that ZOU is Maya's missing eye which is false...for one they use this panel n the anime as a reference to aid their argument but in the manga JAYA was never portrayed with a perfect round gaping hole..it always looked like this or this map here.now have a look at this map of the ancient kingdom..they have the same exact outline its quite intentional by Oda...so unless you might believe that the Minks were the inhabitants of the ancient kingdom there's no way that ZOU is the missing eye..furthermore we have an accurate depiction of the GREAT KINGDOM'S INFRASTRUCTURE already so when you consider that ZOU has its own unique infrastructure as well and its over 1100yrs old and only fell recently its definitely not the ancient kingdom or jaya's missing eye which are one and the same..its only a representation and one of SHANDORA specifically at that...the right eye not the missing left..representation in this case also just so happens to extend to affiliation as well
When you think this way things begin to make sense..first is the continent pullers..OARS' race..this name is not ironic it must be quite literal they once upon a time were capable of such a feat...which explains the state of Wano geographically but it also explains OARS who met on thriller bark..thriller bark another another Wano parallel...Moria in says he found him frozen to death the same Moria who visited wano and raided Shimotsuki Ryuma's grace then stealing his corpse..a corpse buried in Ringo but also the coldest place in Wano by far.. Is it a coincidence that Onigashima is a giant skull of an ancient giant just like OARS himself?..which is why I believe OARS died in wano country..there is a connection between that giant skull and OARS

OKAY....SO...Onigashima is just across from mainland wano and Kaido who annexed the place is captain of the "BEAST PIRATES"..a.k.a..." THE ANIMAL KINGDOM PIRATES...an ANIMAL KINGDOM like ZOU!?...if you think that's trippy get this...ZOU has a romanised transliteration which is simply "ZO" which backwards is "OZ".. The romanised version of OARS' name...hell even their official sovereign is named after a calamity himself... DOG-" STORM"..much like Jack the "DROUGHT" or Queen the "PLAGUE "....Oda is very clever 
NOW FINALLY IN CONCLUSION...I posit that the previous owner of the Onigashima skull was OARS 1...The one on thriller bark was OARS II...and we all know OARS III from marineford.. They are family which explains OARS II 'S alleged place of death- RINGO IN WANO...Oda is a creature of habit and we all know how much he loves his pattern of 3's..we've seen it time and time again And therefore OARS 1/OZ was responsible for placing ZOU/ZO on Zunesha's back and there after occupied the island's previous spot next to mainland Wano probably guarding the place until his eventual demise..his skull now THE landmark known as ONIGASHIMA
 This is why ZOU as a " DUKEDOM" is affiliated with the Kozuki Clan because the island was once upon a time a kin to a Ringo for example...like a Daimyo's land /position all of whom serve under the KOZUKI SUPREME SHOGUNATE OF WANO. 
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