nanjing metro 南京地铁

2022.01.28 16:30 tommyxcy nanjing metro 南京地铁

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2022.01.28 16:30 ismykitteninheat Is my kitten in heat?

Hello everyone.
She came to us around ~1.5 months old (old owner was not sure). So she started to act like crazy like constant meowing, rolling around and lifting her bum up. So I typed these words into google and i arrived at a blog that describes the same things she is been experiencing. Is she in heat or should i be worried about her health also last time she pooped it was two days ago. Please help
I recorded her. So here are the videos.
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2022.01.28 16:30 jurschys I'm Greek, AMA

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2022.01.28 16:30 richibruh Duality of man

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2022.01.28 16:30 CheeZeArtZ [Kia Sorento PHEV] Picture I took for work of our new Sorento 📸

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2022.01.28 16:30 BigBadBudderBoy Is anyone planning on getting the WoTR game mat? I'm not sure whether to get it or not.

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2022.01.28 16:30 croatianstation About to start on iTalki. To any recently hired folks, are you getting students?

Hi there! Given how saturated platforms have become, if you've started recently (as a community tutor) on iTalki, have you managed to get a reasonable number of students?
If you've been with them for a few months, have you seen growth in the number of students who reach out for classes?
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2022.01.28 16:30 Kirimusse It's almost criminal that she doesn't even have a name.

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2022.01.28 16:30 BONKWATCH 🔥 20,277,346,259 DOBO has been burned in the last 24 hours 🔥

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 In the last 24 hours... # DOBO Burned: 20,277,346,259
# Value at current price: $840.19
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2022.01.28 16:30 crashdaddy Redditor: * your

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2022.01.28 16:30 kofpedroXV Kingdom hearts dublagem oficial CONFIA😎

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2022.01.28 16:30 finrotcrapbag Parteh time!!

Is there any better feeling in game, you've just finished D.O. and your lunchboxed to the max. You see a poor mole miner and....... POP! POP! CONFETTI!!
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2022.01.28 16:30 azvkp 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath | 700 SqFt. | Tempe | Come home every day to a warm embrace in your 1br/1ba | • Easy access to I-10 and Loop-101 • Minutes from ASU • Oversized Walk-in Closets • Ceiling Fans • Washer/Dryer in Unit • Patio • Covered Parking • 3 Resort-style Pools • Dog...

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2022.01.28 16:30 CONky999 Murder Rate OP DAY #8

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2022.01.28 16:30 ZeroVLindel frog,crow,Agatha and Chandler :P

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2022.01.28 16:30 FisioddSlayer Victory

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2022.01.28 16:30 el-primo88 DACA renewal took about two weeks.

Two week turn around for everything. No biometrics appointment needed. Sent to Dallas lock box.
Good luck to all of you.
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2022.01.28 16:30 GABE_EDD SSD Partition Problem

Recently I upgraded from a 1TB 7200rpm HDD to a 2TB SSD (SATA 6GB/s) because my currently hard drive was getting full and I've had it for almost ten years so it's bound to fail at some point. But anyway, I used Macrium Reflect Free to copy over all my data to the new SSD, and it seems to have worked fine I booted from the SSD in the BIOS with no problems, loading times in games are waaay faster and windows 10 boots in like 2 seconds.
BUT, when the software mirrored over my data onto it, it partitioned it so that the drive letter is only 1TB (931GB). and the other part of the SSD is unallocated. And I know that I could just assign a drive number to the other half of the SSD, but I'd much rather have everything under the same drive letter.
When I do Win + R and type in diskmgmt.msc and get to the Disk Management wizard, I right click on the drive that has been created and try to "extend" it to the rest of the physical SSD but the option is greyed out and it won't let me. Earlier when I was troubleshooting this, it wasn't greyed out but it gave an error saying something along the lines of if it extends this partition then it won't be able to boot from that drive anymore...?
I'm pretty confused at this point, I just want to extend that partition on the drive to have the rest of the unallocated part of the SSD under the same drive letter, but it won't let me or says it won't be able to boot from that drive anymore.
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2022.01.28 16:30 AbsurdDonkey Help

What clay do I get? I have medium length hair (upto my eyebrows) and slightly curly and thin hair. Looking for something that's easy to use and not oily
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2022.01.28 16:30 SweeeetCaramella Can I give you a foot job?

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2022.01.28 16:30 ChangeOfContract New employment contract

Hi all!
So to get right into it, I signed a contract with a company to begin employment December 1st, 2021. The company is a start up based out of Singapore, and due to some delays they needed me to be independently contracted while they set up a operations for their Canadian employs. This is now complete, and they are using as a proxy for these services.
Now, part of my agreement includes two things that can't be fulfilled by -Benefits such as gym membership, eye care, dental, physio, education -Equity
I spoke with them regarding this, and they said they would fulfill these agreements based on our previous contract and reimburse for any of the benefits I use. However, there is a portion of the new employment agreement that states: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matterhereof and cancels and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between the Partieshereto.
While the benefits I'm not truly concerned about and will find out quickly whether or not they will uphold their word on those, the equity is something I do want to make sure is secure. The company has a lot of potential, and I negotiated the equity based on my belief that will grow quickly.
Do I need an additional agreement stating the equity conditions, or do I have them remove this portion of the contract from the new one?
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2022.01.28 16:30 Fantastic_Midnight38 Which is the least version of Ichigo required to destroy barrangan easily?

Which is the least version of Ichigo do you is required to destroy barrangan.
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2022.01.28 16:30 Gundam-Gun My Ethernet connection keeps turning off?

My friends new pc was working great but now every 30 minutes Ethernet keeps turning off? What can I do?
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2022.01.28 16:30 erer1243 Currently, it's January 28, 2022 at 02:30PM

Currently, it's January 28, 2022 at 02:30PM
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2022.01.28 16:30 bigotis88 For sale, posted within the same hour, $1500 price difference

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