Is it a sin to circumvent a social media ban if you believe you were unjustly banned?

2021.12.03 03:19 b22299 Is it a sin to circumvent a social media ban if you believe you were unjustly banned?

I was banned off of a platform in January (not Reddit) without warning and for no reason. So I set up a new account. I believe it was unjust that they banned me the first time and I believe it’s unjust now. I would like to know if setting up a new account is a sin or not. I’m appealing my ban right now. I will only make a new account if it’s not a sin.
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2021.12.03 03:19 slush-puppyy Did some rearranging. Heres my movie corner.

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2021.12.03 03:19 doritsaccent Danielle Staub "close to you" performance - just call her Lady Gaga

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2021.12.03 03:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Red hot China rookie Zhou Qi set to make NBL debut for South East Melbourne Phoenix | South China Morning Post

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2021.12.03 03:19 Interesting-Gas-7566 Doge🐕Bonk 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

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This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is DogeBonk safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow DOBO holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
Contract address: 0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.12.03 03:19 OzBargainBot Earn 1 Flybuys Points Per $1 Spent @ Bunnings Warehouse & Officeworks

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2021.12.03 03:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Chinese Olympians arrive in Hong Kong for start of three-day visit | South China Morning Post

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2021.12.03 03:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - India reports 9,216 new Covid-19 cases in last 24 hours | Times of India

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2021.12.03 03:19 Rstrofdth Expedition 2 question

I made a new save for expedition 1 am I going to have to do that again for 2 or will the first one continue on ?
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2021.12.03 03:19 janay11 What to do now?

Hey y’all, just kinda going on a rant here also looking for advice. I’m 23 and as of last Wednesday, I am officially divorced. My ex was my first everything, literally. He cheated on me several months ago and it got ugly, a lot of drama in between, the thing is as of right now I’m getting ready to deploy near the end of this month and of course he does all this right before I leave.
We’ve been together a little over 5 years total, married for 2 ish years. He is prior military too. No kids thank god and no house thank god. I paid for a lawyer he is also military and there was a point and time where my husband wanted to change the court date because he was in Texas for “vacation” and “didn’t want to deal with it”. He also thought I picked our court date.. our court was on zoom.. he didn’t show up. I didn’t ask for anything because he doesn’t have anything but the one thing I wanted half of is a premarital asset. My state is a no-fault state so “sorry about your luck”. The judge granted the divorce no problem, then got the paperwork for finalization last Wednesday.
The reason why I got the divorce done so quickly is that if we had waited till I got back he would have been entitled to half of what I made overseas. I’m not on active duty so I had a civilian job as well and we worked together, so even after this cheating thing went down I still had to see him at work for like 2 1/2 months every day, or whenever he decided to show up. On the last day of the civilian job he texts me saying he wants “say goodbye” and I just said no I’m all set. And we haven’t talked since, he’s got me blocked on a lot of stuff so it’s been kind of easier to just deal with the situation since I can’t talk to him. He hasn’t asked about the divorce at all which I think is strange or contacted me to see what the result was and I just think that’s so weird.
But the plan is coming back from deployment, I’m just gonna start over in my home state, buy some land and a house and go to school. I live with my friends right now and it’s a small place and I don’t get to be by myself so I’m always distracted. I feel like I’m bottling everything in and when I’m in my car is where I mostly have my breakdowns because I’m by myself. I’m looking forward to this deployment just to get ahead financially but also to be by myself and get everything out. I am keeping a lot of details out of this just to kind of stay on track but having a lawyer made it very easy, but we both didn’t have much of anything so that also made it easier. I was thinking of doing one of those letters where you write how you feel and then burn it because it’s supposed to be a release and I think I might do that soon.
I just really hate how this is all happening. By all means, I’m not perfect but he had a lot of issues and I was willing to be there for him but he said he wanted to drown. He could never really make up his mind on what he wanted to do which is fine, but he never started anything he wanted to do. We have been rocky for a while financially, he didn’t want to have sex, my coworker reached out to me saying he kept lurking on her Instagram.. it goes on and on the lies, the fights, the stress, it fucking sucks. I’ve been stressed so much I’ve lost most of my hair back in April to the point where I had bald patches. It had been a little past my shoulders but I had to cut it short cause there was no saving it. It just sucks so much he was injured in the service, back issues, knees, shoulders, hearing, etc, and I tried my best to help him and it hurt me so bad to see him in pain, it hurt me so much that I couldn’t take that pain away and I could see how much it was affecting him. I cared so much for this man, I moved for him and started over back to his home state so he could be close to family. I loved him so much with everything in me and then some... I just hate how he did all this shit and lied and continued to put me through more shit in the process. I’ve cursed this man out so many times because I’m so angry. I don’t hate him I just hate the things he did... I’m struggling so much, and it’s so exhausting. The hard part is over I guess, just trying my best to move on.
I can't even explain the overwhelming support that I have received from my friends and family. I am truly grateful for that. I know it will get “easier” but it doesn’t seem that way right now.
Thank y’all for listening.
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2021.12.03 03:19 bk_steph This little dude!

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2021.12.03 03:19 michan1998 Budget projector

I know most of you install much more sophisticated systems, but I’m looking for a $500-$800 projector. I’ve had 2 cheap China ones that are good in the dark and then cap out after a few mo. Shoulda just but the bullet back then. Mostly for kids’ movies. Was looking at epson 880 or 1080. We have a celling mount and it appears 880 does not have optical zoom so you get a bleed area. Anyone know more about this or have a better recommendation?
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2021.12.03 03:18 MorningBrewer Ledger Nano X won’t power on :(

So my nano x works perfectly fine when plugged into my laptop using ledger live, and it even shows that the battery is 98%. However, as soon as I unplug, it completely turns off. After that, I’ve tried clicking both buttons and holding each one separately, yet it does not turn on. Summer bummed out as I was excited for the bluetooth feature. On top of this Ledger Support still hasn’t gotten back to me. And yes everything is updated.
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2021.12.03 03:18 FallCompetitive7976 03-December I am still here

It is 03-December 06:18. I am stressed.
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2021.12.03 03:18 Gsanchez00 LF Chimchar Trade

Anyone have an extra chimchar theyre willing to give up... My ultimate team needs 2 starters.. Thanks for the help.
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2021.12.03 03:18 odomer Anywhere to talk shit during the nix women's game?

There an A League women's sub?
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2021.12.03 03:18 ShamelessGhostt 31F [friendship] 💕 told everyone I'm a bitch, so I became it.

21+, please. First things first: I have a ton of negatives but I try to be the best friend I can be, even with my life falling apart around me. It's probably one of the most toxic traits I have (is that toxic?). I am on a crazy, bumpy road that includes me learning to accept that I'm attractive to others (self-love is way too complicated for me), that my friends weren't as good of friends as I had hoped, & that my relationships need to reflect what I want out of life (not just because I might be happy with them, in that moment)
If you're down with that:

I will say that I'd love to find people to game with. I don't do games like LoL, WoW, or anything such as that but I will check out most games if they're up my alley, so don't hesitate to recommend me something. I'll just simply say no :p 💕
DM me, do NOT hit that chat button, it's just easier like that. Haha. 😘
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2021.12.03 03:18 Pristine_Swordfish62 “Friend” owes me 500 dollars.

At one point me and my friend were very close. We’re both 22M and he was struggling without a car (December 2019) At the time I was doing very well financially and said don’t worry my man I got you, and loaned him $500 cash on Venmo. He said he would pay me back - saying quote “you know the type of guy I am, I will get you back) Recently things changed a bit, his sister died and the same time as my grandmother (march) and I wasn’t there for him and didn’t return his calls. He was resentful and brought it up several times before full on disowning me (I likewise stopped texting him/sending him memes) I am no longer doing well financially and could really use the money back. What is the best approach Reddit?
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2021.12.03 03:18 jaghtz_lutein Mechina - Siege

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2021.12.03 03:18 Lower_Hall_3124 MAE META FAIR LAUNCH NOW


MAE META start with 4 BNB liquidity, so don't miss the first shoot.

Token Information :

Name : MAE meta

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Contract Address : 0x43157245D1d44C27809e8B1F11e139ef2624Add9

Pancakeswap :

Contract :
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2021.12.03 03:18 aboveonlysky9 Geddy sighting in the Alanis Morissette documentary on HBO. A fraction of a second.

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2021.12.03 03:18 Correct-Entrance-613 "Sizce kendi vatandaşınızın hayatı yabancı birinin hayatından daha mı değerlidir"sorusuna r/turkey ve r/AskBalkans üyelerinin verdiği cevaplar.

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2021.12.03 03:18 Johnny_rocketman .

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2021.12.03 03:18 infernolord_ Found A Video with alinity in 6th street, and mizkif was kissing slick lmfaooo

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2021.12.03 03:18 Dexter011001 Yall rockin with his haircut ⁉️

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